Police urged to curb burglaries

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.

BURGLARY, drink-driving and drunken and loutish behaviour is what South Yorkshire residents want their police to concentrate on, according to new research.

South Yorkshire Police Authority, which oversees the way South Yorkshire Police is run, funded and performs, carried out an online survey to find out what policing issues people want prioritised.

Of the 794 people who took part, more than 90 per cent said burglary should be the number one priority for officers, 71 per cent said drink driving should be a key issue and two-thirds said they have concerns about yobbish behaviour.

More than 70 per cent of respondents said caring for victims and witnesses of crime should also be the police’s number one responsibility, with 68 per cent saying officers should be monitoring offenders released from prison.

The authority also recently hosted a series of consultation evenings, where members of the public had the opportunity to quiz police chiefs on their key priorities for the year ahead.

Charles Perryman, authority chairman, said: “Clearly, all police responsibilities and priorities are important – and the results of this survey will not mean that South Yorkshire Police stop doing the things which the public do not value quite as highly.

“However, the force has to reduce its spending by £42 million over four years.

“We wanted to make sure the public’s voice was heard when it came to deciding where and how to make these savings.