Prison terms for Sheffield gang suspects

Police Day of Action,  Parson Cross, Sheffield
Police Day of Action, Parson Cross, Sheffield

TWO men who breached gang injunctions imposed in a police crackdown on rival factions at war on a Sheffield estate have received prison sentences.

Paul Humphries, aged 30, was jailed for 10 weeks yesterday, and Jordan Mather, in his 20s, was sentenced to a four-week jail term suspended for six months.

They were among 21 people arrested on Wednesday in a special ‘day of action’ in Parson Cross.

Fifty police officers flooded the estate in an operation aimed at ending a feud which has escalated into shootings over recent weeks.

Officers raided homes and seized vehicles, drugs and weapons.

Humphries and Mather had been among 12 men served with gang injunctions a week ago today.

The orders include strict conditions, and curfews, to restrict the amount of time suspects can spend on the streets.

They also ban their subjects from associating with certain people, making telephone calls to specified individuals, and even travelling along some streets.

Superintendent Shaun Morley, who ran the day of action, said more crime blitzes in Parson Cross are planned.

“The objective was to disrupt organised criminals and reassure the public,” he added.

“We made 21 arrests in total - for robbery, burglary, possession of drugs with intent to supply, and possessing offensive weapons. There were also a number of vehicles seized.

“More significantly, two of the arrests were for breaching gang injunctions.”

He said gang injunctions were ‘a draconian approach to managing organised criminality’ - and warned the 12 people serving the orders that their activities are being monitored.

“We have already seen a reduction in incidents since the gang injunctions were introduced, and the arrests of two individuals for breaching them will send out a strong message.

“They are fully aware of the restrictions and prohibitions placed on them and that we will effectively police these injunctions,” he added.

“They are to bring a degree of management and control over their activities.

“We are determined to stamp out organised crime in Parson Cross.”

He said police are looking at a ‘number of incidents’ linked with the feud between two warring gangs on the estate.

Two homes have been shot at in recent weeks - one on Adlington Road and another on Holgate Road.

A man was also shot in both legs near Hillsborough, which officers are linking to the feud.

Supt Morley said he anticipates more arrests.

“We have significant resources committed to investigating,” he added.

“We are using overt and covert methods to bring individuals to justice.

“The day of action was one tactic, and it will be repeated.

“We will be very visible until this is resolved and we can return to a state of normality.”

Supt Morley added the feud was a ‘small number of individuals targeting each other’.

“My message to those involved is that this criminality is unacceptable, and we will use all the resources available to relentlessly pursue them until they are brought to justice.”

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