Rotherham children made up ‘abduction’ story

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TWO boys sparked an abduction scare when they told teachers they were approached by a stranger in a van as they walked to school.

The 10-year-olds arrived at Brinsworth Whitehill School, Brinsworth, Rotherham, on Wednesday and claimed they had been approached by a man who asked them if they wanted a lift in his van.

Their teachers called in the police and the boys gave officers description of the man they claimed had approached them on Willowgarth Avenue at about 8.30am.

They said he was aged about 37, white, of medium build and claimed he was wearing a woolly hat and was driving a silver or white van with a sliding door.

Officers increased patrols around the school before and after lessons once the alarm was raised and an appeal for information was launched by those investigating the attempted abduction.

Parents were also alerted to the incident.

However, a spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said the boys had now withdrawn their allegations.

They have been spoken to by officers for wasting police time.