Series of sex attacks by freed wife killer

RAPISTPR Kajus Scuka, rapist jailed for life.
RAPISTPR Kajus Scuka, rapist jailed for life.

QUESTIONS are being asked about how a convicted wife killer from the Czech Republic was allowed to slip into Britain where he carried out a series of sex attacks in Sheffield, including the knifepoint rape of a mother on her 54th birthday.

Until Kajus Scuka was caught, police did not even realise the 48-year-old was in the country. By then he had attacked three women and raped a fourth while she was walking her dog on playing fields in Wincobank.

Scuka, aged 47, was branded a ‘grave danger to women’ by a judge at Sheffield Crown Court as he jailed him for life and told him he must serve at least 12 years and might never be released.

After a jury found him guilty of rape and three sexual assaults, it emerged Scuka had served 11 years in prison for stabbing his wife to death after a row about his infidelity.

He also has convictions in the Czech Republic for gross indecency, indecent assault and assaulting a woman with an axe, for which he was jailed.

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett MP, in whose Brightside constituency the attacks took place, said later that the case raised issues of loopholes in criminal records and data sharing, not only between police forces in the UK, but to cover criminals entering the country.

“If he came into the country in 2009 he should have been picked up,” said Mr Blunkett. “It alarms me greatly that he was not.

“This is an extraordinary example of why we need checks and, within the bounds of protecting privacy, to be able to share data. I will be taking this up and asking questions.”

Scuka’s sex attacks started in Sheffield in March 2010, only a few months after he arrived in the UK where he claimed £67 a week Jobseekers’ Allowance.

In his first, he grabbed a grandmother as she pushed her granddaughter in a buggy along Barnsley Road.

In April, his second victim was walking along the River Don near Meadowhall when he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her towards bushes, offering her £30 for sex.

She broke free and fled but Judge Peter Kelson QC said Scuka “plainly had rape in mind”.

An hour later he raped the woman walking her dog.

The judge told Scuka: “She thought she was going to die. This was an attack on a complete stranger in a public park during daylight, a park frequented by children.”

A month later Scuka, who had been living on Hinde Street, Grimesthorpe, fled Britain after he was stopped by police during a routine stop and search. But he returned to the UK last year and in May he struck again.

The judge added: “If there is ever such a day you are released in this country, you should be deported. I have no doubt that the public will be terribly alarmed.

“It seems to me the case that, even with your convictions for murder and assaults, you were free to enjoy the same freedom of movement as any other European citizen.”

After the hearing, the rape victim said in a victim impact statement said: “The man who did this to me will never know what a devastating effect his actions have had on my life.”

Det Sgt Ian Hardin,g who was praised by the judge for an “expertly conducted” investigation, said: “It is a concern that people of this nature move freely about the EU without any restriction. This man has been living in Sheffield since 2009 and we were not even aware of his presence.”