Sheffield Artist Pete McKee captures mood of nation ahead of Olympics

Pete McKee's alternative Olympic poster
Pete McKee's alternative Olympic poster
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SHEFFIELD pop artist Pete McKee has captured the spirit of the soggy British summer with his latest creation - and kicked up an internet storm.

Pete, who has a gallery on Sharrow Lane, posted his Alternative Summer Olympics cartoon on Twitter - leading to dozens of people retweeting and commenting on it, including Sheffield’s own Olympic hopeful Jess Ennis.

Pete’s image shows a grey sky, torrential rain and circular grey umbrellas as far as the eye can see.

In the foreground are five umbrellas in the colours of the Olympic rings.

Jess tweeted: “I like it. Hope that’s not the case though.”

Pete replied: “Yeah me too, but you will bring that ray of sunshine we need.”

Other celebrity followers include designer Paul Smith, who posted the image on Facebook.

Pete told The Star: “It has just gone crazy - it’s been a phemonenon.

“Paul Smith put it on Facebook and he’s had 1,500 hits. It was great Jessica Ennis got in touch - she thought it was hilarious and I know one of my friends has tweeted it to Lord Seb Coe, although I’m not sure how it will go down with him.”

Pete said the inspiration came after he created an Olympic-themed cartoon for the Star’s sister paper the Sheffield Telegraph.

He said: “It went from there really. I had the idea and I rushed upstairs to do it. I thought it was such a nice idea and I wanted to do it before anyone else did.

“Visually, it has hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t have done it if we hadn’t had this terrible summer.

Pete said there are no plans to mass produce the sketch, because the Olympic rings are a registered trademark.

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