Sheffield champ Kell vows to protect himself better

Kell Brook and Eddie Hearn
Kell Brook and Eddie Hearn

Kell Brook says he will never put himself in a compromising position again, after being attacked by a machete-wielding thug in Tenerife two weeks after winning the world title.

The Sheffield boxer said: “It made me realise I’m not that normal kid any more, I’m a world champion and can’t just go out like that. People see me and recognise me and I let my guard down. It won’t be happening again, I’ll have minders with me if I do go out.”

Brook made the mistake of going to a stranger’s apartment.

But he told the Boxing News magazine that, contrary to rumours, drugs had not been a factor.

He said after the attack he’d thought: “I’m going to die here. I thought it was all over. It was very, very scary.”

Meanwhile promoter Mick Hennessy is preparing an offer for WBA Super Bantamweight champion Scott Quigg to fight Sheffield’s Kid Galahad.

Quigg’s handler Eddie Hearn said: “They have made an offer in the past, it wasn’t a bad offer. We are looking for other fights for Quigg, down the line the Galahad fight could happen, but the Brazilian kid he fought the other night to win...I think he knows he has to step up his opposition.”