Sheffield company owner’s appeal to find stolen metal

Trevor Mills in his reclamation yard at Sharrow which has been subjected to metal thefts
Trevor Mills in his reclamation yard at Sharrow which has been subjected to metal thefts

A BUSINESSMAN is calling on South Yorkshire scrap merchants to be on the look- out for a haul of stolen metal.

Trevor Mills, aged 68, who runs reclamation business Swifties on Abbeydale Road, had 350 lengths of cast iron stolen from his storage yard in Attercliffe, which he believes thieves will be trying to weigh in.

He said the metal, including drainpipes and guttering, could have made him £7,000.

Mr Mills, who has reported the theft to police, said he hopes local scrap yards are abiding by new legislation requiring them to record the details of every customer who weighs in metal.

Customers are no longer allowed to be paid in cash - they have to accept cheques to make it easier for them to be traced.

The aim of the new law is to make it more difficult for scrap metal thieves to operate.

Mr Mills said: “They have taken all my cast iron stock - 350 lengths of it, so this is not going to be easy to hide.

“I can’t imagine that whoever has it will be weighing it in piece by piece, they will just want to get rid of it, so I am calling on all scrap yards to be on the look out for it and to report the thieves to the police.

“Small businesses can’t afford to take this kind of hit.

Mr Mills said four years ago his business on Abbeydale Road was raided and lead worth around £7,000 stolen.

“The police came and I got an incident number but that was the end of that - I never got the goods back.”

The new laws came into force last month and police searched scrap yards looking for stolen metal and warned scrap traders all cash transactions were banned.

A police spokeswoman said: “We work with businesses and partners as well as scrap metal dealers. Officers regularly visit dealers to carry out checks to ensure they understand the new legislation and are operating within the law.”

Anyone with information about the theft, committed between Sunday, December 16 and Tuesday, December 18, should call police on 101.