Sheffield dealer dropped wads of cash as police raided drug den

Leyton Blake
Leyton Blake

A Sheffield drugs ring member scarpered from police while scattering wads of cash into the air, a court heard.

Leyton Blake, aged 23, was found by officers at the ‘warehouse’ of a drugs operation in Parson Cross.

He has been jailed for nine years for his involvement in the cocaine and heroin drug dealing circle, which was led by Ross Gillott, who was locked up for 10 years in October last year.

When police raided Gillott’s home on Morgan Avenue, Parson Cross, they found two kilos of cocaine and heroin and £235,000 in cash along with drug paraphernalia, scales and drug-cutting equipment.

Gillott and Blake tried to flee when police raided the drug den, scattering bank notes everywhere, but were arrested, said David Brooke, prosecuting.

Blake, of Fife Street, Wincobank, initially denied involvement in the drug ring but a CCTV system installed at Gillott’s house showed Blake involved in the criminality.

His fingerprints were found on a plastic bag containing drugs money and on drugs powder found in a BMW car parked outside.

He later admitted possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and money laundering.

Paul O’Shea, representing Blake, said he only became involved in the operation following the shock of losing his late brother.

Brett Blake, 23, from Longley, was stabbed to death by two life-long friends in the Uniq nightclub on Carver Street in Sheffield city centre in June 2008.

He and his killers - Danny Hockenhull, of Hawkshead Road, Grimesthorpe, and Curtis Goring, of Rolleston Road, Firth Park - were all part of the notorious S3 postcode gang operating in Burngreave and Pitsmoor at the time.

Brett himself was armed with a knife on the night of the attack.

He was stabbed in his neck and stomach in a pre-planned attack following a series of violent tit-for-tat assaults as the gang imploded.