Sheffield woman jailed after drinks ended in stabbing

Kimberley Gabbitas jailed for stabbing her boyfriend's father in the stomach.
Kimberley Gabbitas jailed for stabbing her boyfriend's father in the stomach.

A woman who stabbed her boyfriend’s father in the stomach with a bread knife has been jailed for 20 months.

Drink and drug-addicted Kimberley Gabbitas had an altercation with 53-year-old John Johnson after a night drinking with him and her boyfriend at their flat in Broomhall, Sheffield.

The 25-year-old stabbed Mr Johnson in the stomach so seriously his bowel was hanging out.

Det Insp Graham Bulmer, from South Yorkshire Police, said: “He was lucky to survive.”

Mr Johnson was rushed to intensive care at the Northern General and spent a month in hospital.

Sheffield Crown Court heard he needed two operations and had been left with a permanent scar.

Gabbitas, of no fixed address, admitted wounding with intent at the one-bedroom flat on Broomspring Lane where she was living with boyfriend Damien Mayfield and Mr Johnson.

Prosecutor Simon Batiste said all three had been drinking on the night of August 4.

Mr Johnson blacked out and neighbours were awoken in the middle of the night by swearing and shouting.

Gabbitas told police Mr Johnson had fallen on some glass and she was arrested for a breach of the peace.

But on the way to the police station she admitted: “I stabbed him, yeah I did it.”

The court heard Gabbitas has a string of convictions for assault, robbery, racially aggravated assault, battery and threatening behaviour.

Judith Seaborne, defending, said Mr Johnson had refused to give a statement to police but Gabbitas had accepted responsibility.

Gabbitas was ‘troubled’ and had recently lost her foster parents, who provided the only stability in her life.

She said Gabbitas was in a relationship with Mayfield and all three were ‘long-term alcoholics’.

Judge Julian Goose said: “The complainant was with you in the kitchen when you had a bread knife in your hand when you turned to him and stabbed him in the abdomen.”