Smokers fined after dropping cigarettes

THE cost of smoking increased for six people caught dropping cigarettes ends on the streets of Chesterfield.

They were fined at North East Derbyshire and Dales Magistrates’ Court after Chesterfield Council launched a crackdown on those littering the streets with discarded cigarettes.

Lynne Fleming, aged 45, of Burns Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, admitted the offence in a letter after she was caught dropping a cigarette on Vicar Lane.

Nigel Elliot, 48, of Marsh Avenue, Dronfield, also admitted the offence in a letter after he was caught in Market Place.

They were both fined £133, with £100 costs.

The other four, who failed to turn up for court, were found guilty.

Nicola Bell, 38, of Wingfield Close, Rotherham, and 18-year-old Jon Thompson, of Westlea, Clowne, were both fined £200 with £100 costs.

Bell dropped a cigarette on the Holywell Cross car park and Thompson dropped one on Sheffield Road in the town.

Malcolm Tighe, 51, of Brentford Court, Southgate Way, Chesterfield and 22-year-old Jason Tighe, of Sherwood Court, Derby Road, Chesterfield, were both fined £300 with £100 costs after they were caught dropping cigarettes in the town’s Littlemoor Centre.

The court heard they both gave false details to the Council Enforcement Officer who caught them, the court heard.