‘Son of God’ killed mother and daughter

Rekawt Salih, who killed mother and daughter Tracy and Louise Donnelly.
Rekawt Salih, who killed mother and daughter Tracy and Louise Donnelly.

A PARANOID schizophrenic who told medics he was the ‘Son of God’ has been locked up indefinitely in a secure hospital after he knifed a Sheffield mother and daughter more than 100 times.

Police said Rekawt Salih, aged 25, committed “a frenzied and brutal attack” on defenceless Tracy Donnelly, aged 42, and her daughter Louise, 23, in the living room of their home in Ironside Road, Gleadless Valley.

Tracy and Louise Donnelly

Tracy and Louise Donnelly

The women’s bodies were discovered the next morning by Tracy’s son, Ashley, 18, who had been asleep upstairs.

His four-year-old brother Daniel, Salih’s son, had been sleeping on the sofa at the time of the stabbings.

Sailh’s guilty plea to manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility was accepted at Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday.

Afterwards, Det Insp Sean Bird said Salih’s actions had “devastated the lives of those close to Tracy and Louise Donnelly and we are satisfied with any outcome that removes him from society.

“The hospital order ... keeps Salih locked away without a time limit and this is the best way to protect the public at large.”

Tracy’s mother, Maureen Donnelly, said two generations of her family had been taken away “in the most terrible way imaginable” and she took satisfaction from knowing that the person responsible would not be able to hurt anybody else.

“I hope our nightmare fades a little and we can look towards a future. I have not been able to attend Sheffield Crown Court because of the distress and trauma this has caused me.

“No-one can replace what we have lost. Tracy and Louise will remain in our hearts.”

The court heard how Salih, of Callow Mount, Gleadless Valley, had a history of cocaine and alcohol abuse and was under the care of the NHS early intervention service at the time of the tragedy but had stopped taking his medication.

He and Tracy had been in a ‘long-term but unstable’ relationship and only got together again around a week before the killings. The prosecution said he ‘hated’ Louise and had been abusive and violent towards her and Tracy.

On March 29, he had thrust a knife into Tracy’s lung and into Louise’s skull, with forensic examinations indicating Tracy had probably tried to help her daughter.

Afterwards, Salih ran from the house barefoot, fleeing in his BMW which he later crashed into a group of students in Fornham Street, near The Leadmill.

Police used a taser to subdue him following a high-speed police chase through the city centre.

In hospital he repeatedly told medical staff that he was ‘the son of God’.

Judge Mr Justice Treacy said Salih posed ‘a very high risk of serious harm’, adding: “It will be hard to envisage a time when you would not be a risk to the public and it may well never be safe to release you.”

Dr Gwilym Hayes, a consultant psychiatrist from Wathwood Hospital, Rotherham, who recommended the hospital order, said: “It’s important to stress this isn’t simply paranoid schizophrenia. There are underlying factors that drive the risk.”

Salih will be detained under the Mental Health Act at the maximum-security Rampton hospital in Lincolnshire.

Special conditions were made limiting any proposed release.