South Yorkshire Police record 1,037 number plate thefts in one year

Police reveal number plate theft figures
Police reveal number plate theft figures

Thieves stole number plates from 1,037 vehicles in South Yorkshire in a one-year period, new figures reveal.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, South Yorkshire Police has disclosed that 1,037 reports of number plate thefts were received by the force in 2014.

There were 892 offences in 2013 and another 1,090 in 2012.

South Yorkshire Police is one of just seven forces in the country to record an increase in number plate thefts over recent years.

An average of 56 number plates are stolen every day from vehicles in England and Wales, with South Yorkshire Police recording a 13 per cent increase in offences.

Stolen number plates are often used by criminals to drive off from fuel stations without paying and on vehicles used by offenders in a bid to cover their tracks.