South Yorkshire revellers urged to think about alcohol consumption over Christmas and New Year

Colin Mcfarlane
Colin Mcfarlane

Christmas revellers are being urged to take care with the amount of alcohol the drink - to avoid committing crimes.

Police chiefs today warned that drinking too much alcohol can impair judgement.

Superintendent Colin McFarlane, South Yorkshire Police’s lead officer for tackling anti-social behaviour, said: “If you are enjoying a festive tipple over the next few weeks, either at home or out in town, do you know when to stop?

“Drinking alcohol makes you more likely to behave anti-socially. Please act responsibility and think about how your actions could affect yourself and others.

“We don’t want to spoil the party spirit but officers will take action if you commit anti-social behaviour to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe Christmas.

“We have a sack load of powers at our disposal and a number of sanctions for offenders to give something back to their communities, from an on-the-spot fine to a stint of community service.”

The force said officers want people to avoid the Christmas and New Year period - but not at the expense of others.

A spokeswoman said: “Having too much to drink can impair your judgment and what you think is a bit of fun, could actually be causing misery to both individuals and communities.

“Anti-social behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages another person’s quality of life.

“For example, hoax calls, harassment, vandalism, graffiti, street drinking or noise nuisance could all ruin someone’s Christmas.

“South Yorkshire Police is warning about the dangers of alcohol-related crime throughout December and into the New Year.

“A number of crimes tend to peak at this time of year with alcohol the common factor associated with increases in drink driving, sexual offences, domestic abuse and this week’s focus, anti-social behaviour.”

Victims of crime should call police on 101.