South Yorkshire’s top police officer earns more than Prime Minister

Chief Constable  David Crompton, of South Yorkshire Police.
Chief Constable David Crompton, of South Yorkshire Police.
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South Yorkshire’s Chief Constable David Crompton earned more than the Prime Minister last year - with a salary and bonuses of nearly £208,000.

David Crompton’s salary was £152,598 and another £35,748 was paid into his pension pot.

He also picked up £17,576 in police bonuses, £1,917 in ‘benefits in kind’ and £145 in expenses between April 2012 and the end of March 2013.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s annual salary is £142,500.

A spokesman for the Taxpayers Alliance said: “Keeping the streets safe should be the number one priority for the police, and people are right to ask whether a salary of this size is the best way to do that.

“Value for money has to be the watchword whenever taxpayers’ money is being spent, and an explanation of why this pay packet is deserved is urgently needed.”

The figures for the salaries of Chief Constables and senior ranking officers have been released by the College of Policing as part of a Pay and Rewards Register, which for the first times makes all police force accounts available at a single point of reference.

It reveals that South Yorkshire Police’s director of finance, Nigel Hiller, earned £125,486 last year - a salary of £108,663 plus £11,627 in pension contributions, £4,709 in bonuses and £487 in expenses.

The register also shows that former Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson, who retired mid-way through the last financial year, was paid £72,500 for six months of work - a £71,064 salary, £1,276 in bonuses and £160 in expenses.

It reveals Chief Constable Crompton’s predecessor, Med Hughes, earned £95,044 for the last six months of his reign before his retirement in October 2011 - mid-way through the financial year.

The register reveals 350 officers received more than £50,000 last year, excluding pension payments, compared to 385 the year before.

There were 345 who earned between £50,000 and £99,999, and four who earned between £110,000 and £124,999, plus the Chief Constable’s package.