STAR COMMENT: Crowd trouble from Millwall hooligans a sad reminder of football’s dark ages


All it took was one goal and we were back in the 1970s.

Crowd violence reared its ugly head at AESSEAL New York Stadium as Millwall lost out 2-1 to Rotherham United in a crucial Championship relegation showdown.

Kari Arnason knocked in an 85th-minute header and the next thing we saw was Millwall fans making concerted attempts to break through segregation barriers and reach Millers followers - including children and mums and dads in the family enclosure.

Much worse trouble was to break out after the match outside New York among a section of the 1,309 travelling fans.

We’ve all hoped that the violence which blighted the sport 40 years ago was a thing of the past, but in pockets of the moronic minority it is still there.

Millwall have a long-held reputation for it. In fairness, the club have made great strides down the years trying to tackle it.

Families should go to football matches and feel entertained, passionate and thrilled. Not terrified.

You lose games in football. It happens. Losing your human sensibilites and moral compass? That never should.