Student survived hit-and-run thanks to gymnast skills

Ecclesall Road hit-and-run victim Sarah Cameron
Ecclesall Road hit-and-run victim Sarah Cameron

A Sheffield student’s talents as a former gymnast champion are thought to have saved her life in a hit-and-run on a pedestrian crossing in Sheffield.

Sarah Cameron, 21 the day before, broke many of her bones as she was hit on Ecclesall Road as two speeding cars ignored red lights and overtook a line of stationary traffic.

Her mother, Rachael said: “The gymnastics saved her. She’s got really good reflexes.”

The third-year law student at Hallam University, broke a leg, hand, pelvis, collarbone, shoulder and vertebrae in her neck, as well as sustaining widespread bruising in the collision opposite the Marks and Spencer store and near her flat.
Rachael, aged 48, said: “I saw the whole thing, I couldn’t believe somebody could survive. They must have been doing a minimum of 60mph. She jumped out of the way of the first car and into the path of the second. They were just two crazy boy racers.

“They’re a menace and they need to get off the road before they kill somebody.
“She remembers being on the bonnet and then making sure she fell the right way. She wrapped herself up and got into the foetal position.”

Sarah, from Ossett in West Yorkshire, is a former junior European champion gymnast and silver medallist in the Junior World Cup.
Rachael added: “There aren’t many bones in her body that aren’t broken. It’s going to be a good six months before she’s back to normal.
The collision happened a week last Wednesday at 10pm as Sarah and her mum returned from Meadowhall. “It was her birthday the day before. We had tea at Meadowhall and were going back to open her presents.”
Police are appealing for information.