The pervert Sheffield OAP named at last

Ian Foster
Ian Foster

This bearded and bespectacled pervert pensioner has been convicted of sexually assaulting three girls as part of the child prostitution pimping trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

The Star can only today report his identity for the first time, after a judge lifted a restriction banning Ian Foster’s identification.

Foster was convicted of three counts of sexual assault on girls aged 11, 14 and 20, by a jury which also convicted female pimp Amanda Spencer of 16 child prostitution offences.

And we can now reveal Foster, 68, of Peckham Road, High Green, Sheffield, was convicted in February this year of a string of sex attacks on seven teenage girls and a boy. The youngest was 13.

The Star reported the trial at the time, but could not reveal Foster’s name due to his involvement in the upcoming Amanda Spencer trial.

His six-week trial in January and February heard throughout his late 50s and since turning 60, he chose to spend time with young teenagers. “He went out night after night in his car, he behaved in a clever way to manipulate them, he bought them alcohol and cigarettes, he took them clubbing, he encouraged them to talk about sex and he let them stay at his house when they weren’t fit to go home,” the court heard.

He was convicted of six counts of sexual activity with a child, five of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and one of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

During his nine-week trial alongside Spencer, which concluded yesterday, the court heard Foster met his victims through the 23-year-old pimp, who called him ‘Uncle Ian’.

She took girls on the bus to his former marital home in Constable Road, Gleadless Valley, where he touched three girls indecently. He slept in the same bed as one, molesting her in the night as she slept. One repulsed victim described him as ‘bald, fat, with large glasses’.

Yesterday Judge Michael Murphy QC discharged the jury, which cleared Spencer of a further facilitating child sex charge. They were unable to reach verdicts on 14 remaining counts after 30 hours of deliberation.

Both Foster and Spencer were remanded in custody, and will be sentenced on Tuesday. Judge Murphy told them they face ‘inevitable immediate and substantial sentences’.