Thieves taunt their victim

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THIEVES daubed “hard luck, ha ha” on the wall of a Sheffield pensioner’s home after ransacking it and stealing his late wife’s jewellery and uncle’s World War One medals.

Terry Hopley, aged 72, returned home to Clover Gardens, Wincobank, from a holiday in Tenerife to find every drawer emptied on to the floor.

“I couldn’t even get into the house at first because they had put the security chain on in case I came back but when I did get inside they had ransacked the place,” he said.

“The jewellery is of sentimental value to me – necklaces, lockets and a bracelet – because they belonged to my wife who died in January 2009.

“And the medals won’t be of any use to them but they were given to me after my uncle died and mean a lot. They are just scum to have done this. Everyone I have spoken to has been disgusted. It makes me feel sick.”

Two TVs, a laptop computer and watches were also taken.