Top burglary hotspots across Sheffield revealed


TODAY The Star reveals Sheffield’s best and worst hotspots when it comes to burglary.

Darnall is the city suburb blighted by the most break-ins this year - while the north Sheffield village of Stocksbridge has the fewest.

Residents in Darnall have suffered 335 break-ins so far this year - more than one in 14 of all the city’s 4,861 burglaries between January and the end of September 2012.

But in Stocksbridge so far burglaries total only 50.

The figures are revealed as part of The Star’s Your Right to Know campaign, which aims to shine a spotlight on the hidden facts and figures that affect everyday life in South Yorkshire.

Councillor Harry Harpham, who represents Darnall, said: “It is very disappointing to get burglaries wherever they are, particularly if you are the ward councillor in the area where they are most.

“But I know the police have a very difficult job to do considering we are losing officers due to unfair Government cuts.

“There were plenty of warnings of crime rising if the Government reduced funding for officers, and this appears to be the case in my ward.

“I expect the police will be targeting resources at Darnall appropriately.”

Coun Mary Lee, who also represents Darnall, said: “Most people in this area are above board, hard-working and have high aspirations, so I would not want these figures to give the impression Darnall is not a good place to live. It is a place people seek to live.”

The figures take into account attempted offences as well as all house, shed and garage break-ins.

The second-worst area after Darnall was the city centre, including the Wicker and Neepsend areas, where 330 burglaries were reported.

Gleadless Valley had 289, Richmond 264, and the Manor and Castle ward, including the Manor and Wybourn estates, 242.

In Burngreave 229 offences were reported.

But the best areas, after Stocksbridge and the Upper Don ward, were Fulwood with 66, West Ecclesfield ward with 84, and both Stannington and Dore and Totley, which have each witnessed 94 break-ins so far this year.

Stocksbridge Coun Richard Crowther welcomed the figures for his area but said: “While it is doubtless good news that crime is low, we remain highly concerned about the potential impact of swingeing cuts to police budgets.”

And Coun Andrew Sangar, who represents Fulwood, said: “It appears to me the Neighbourhood Watch groups are doing a good job in looking out for each other. But even though we have a lower number than most other places one burglary is one too many.

“Many break-ins these days are for cars, so people need to keep their keys out of sight. And in student areas burglars know there are multi-occupancy houses where doors might be left open.”

Latest crime figures from the Office for National Statistics show burglary in South Yorkshire is on the rise - although overall crime is down three per cent from June last year to June this year.

South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton said: “Some crimes like burglary, theft from vehicles and shoplifting are showing an increase, but the force recognised these trends early and it’s no coincidence these were the subjects of ‘days of action’ over recent months with targeted work across the county.

“Overall crime continues to reduce in South Yorkshire, demonstrating the excellent work of officers and staff.

“Neighbourhood policing is delivering results getting to the heart of local issues, and hundreds experience our crime prevention work every week.”

Last year, between January and December 2011, there were 7,135 burglaries in Sheffield, with the main bulk of offences - 634 - committed in the city centre ward.

Burglars were also prolific in Firth Park, committing 434 offences; Darnall which suffered 433 and Burngreave had 425.

Last year the area with the fewest break-ins was Stocksbrige, with 103, followed by Stannington, with 104.