Two EDL members arrested in Doncaster

EDL march from Doncaster railway station to Hexthorpe. The march pictured on Urban road in Hexthorpe.
EDL march from Doncaster railway station to Hexthorpe. The march pictured on Urban road in Hexthorpe.

Two English Defence League members have been arrested following today’s march through Doncaster and Hexthorpe.

The pair were arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly at Doncaster railway station.

Around 150 members of the far-right protest group marched through Doncaster to Hexthorpe, where there have been recent reports of community tensions with Roma migrants who have moved into the area.

There were minor scuffles as they met with counter-demonstrators from groups such as Unite Against Fascism, while many local residents watched the demonstration unfold.

But despite chants and threats being exchanged between the groups, the event passed off largely peacefully.

Around 300 police officers were in attendance, with the bill to taxpayers from the event expected to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A larger EDL rally in Rotherham in May cost police in the region of £500,000.

Superintendent Peter Norman, from South Yorkshire Police, said: “Today’s demonstration passed without any significant issues and this was achieved by working with partners and with the co-operation of the public and local businesses in Doncaster.

“The two groups complied fully with police, allowing the protests to be carried out with minimal disruption for local residents.

“I would like to thank all officers and partners involved in the operation for their professionalism leading up to the event and throughout today.”

Cllr Glyn Jones, Doncaster’s Deputy Mayor, said: “The approach the council and the police took was the appropriate one to ensure that the demonstration and counter demonstration were able to take place peacefully and so that the community could feel reassured.

“Thanks to the community in Hexthorpe for their patience and support which was much appreciated as it helped all the agencies to do their jobs and continue with daily business.”