Violent burglar in sex attack on Sheffield OAP

Sam Dexter
Sam Dexter

A TEENAGER who broke into the home of a Sheffield couple in their seventies - then beat up the husband and sexually assaulted the wife - has been branded ‘worse than an animal’ by his victims.

Sam Dexter, aged 19, had drunk a bottle of vodka and blown £100 on cocaine when he attacked the married couple.

He was branded ‘dangerous’ by Sheffield’s top judge - who said his offences were ‘quite appalling’.

Dexter, who claims no memory of the attack, must serve at least six years behind bars and will be released only once he is no longer deemed a danger to the public.

Sentencing him, the city’s most senior judge Alan Goldsack QC told him: “Your victims were a couple in their seventies in their own home.

“The wife was in bed and the husband had gone to the kitchen after hearing his alarm being activated at 6am.

“He heard a noise outside, assumed it was a drunk, and the next thing he knew you were in his living room with him.

“You carried out a violent and persistent attack on him, punching him 30 to 40 times.”

Judge Goldsack said the pensioner shouted to his wife to call the police but, on hearing his victim had a wife, Dexter made his way to the bedroom.

He pushed the woman to the floor, breaking her hip, before sexually assaulting her.

In an emotional victim impact statement read to the court, she said: “What has happened to me is disgusting and unimaginable and I feel violated.

“Anyone who could sexually assault an elderly female like me should be locked away for life.”

Her husband, who suffered a detached retina, bruising and swelling, but managed to go to his wife’s aid, said their lives had changed forever.

He said: “Words cannot describe how sickened I feel. He assaulted her in the most horrific and unbearable manner.

“When I found out there had been a sexual assault I was utterly disgusted a man could do this to a woman of her age.

“He’s more animal than human being.”

The woman spent 11 days in hospital and has since undergone surgery twice.

Dexter, of Derwent Drive, Burncross, admitted burglary with intent to commit GBH, attempting to cause GBH, causing GBH, and sexual assault.

Jailing him Judge Goldsack said: “You are dangerous. Offences of this nature cause much concern to right-thinking people. Everyone, particularly the elderly, has the right to feel safe in their homes.”