Violent history lands dad in jail

Courts: Reports from the law courts.
Courts: Reports from the law courts.

VIOLENT South Yorkshireman Michael Deville has been jailed for three years after attacking the mother of his child.

Despite a restraining order, 26-year-old Michael Deville stormed into Kara Picton’s house, rummaged through the cupboards and picked up a screwdriver.

He pointed it at her and accused her of seeing another man before saying: “I will give you something to get me locked up for.”

Beverley Tait, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, said Deville left, but then barged his way back in and punched Miss Picton five times to the back of the head.

The victim told police she was afraid to lead a normal life, being in fear of assault and mental and physical abuse from her partner.

Deville, of Arundel Avenue, Dalton, Rotherham, admitted common assault, breaching a restraining order and breaching a suspended 26-week jail term for an attack on Miss Picton.

The court heard they had been in a relationship for five years and had a daughter, aged five.

Deville was convicted of breaching a non-molestation order against Miss Picton in October 2008 and in July 2010 was jailed for breaching an order preventing him from harassing her.

He was given the suspended jail term in January for breaching a restraining order when he went round and threatened to smash in Miss Picton’s face.

Martin Robertshaw, mitigating, said: “This is a sad case. It has been a long-standing relationship and the problem appears to be he is not prepared to let it go.”

He said both parties had “blown hot and cold” and Miss Picton had invited him to the house to help with their daughter’s fifth birthday and there were no problems.

But the relationship went cold again and ‘foolishly’ he went around and attacked her on February 18.

Mr Robertshaw said: “He is beginning to understand there is no future in this relationship.”

Judge Roger Keen said Deville’s position was made more serious because of his history of violence towards his partner.

Deville was jailed for two-and-a-half years for the breach and four months for the assault, to run concurrently, while the 26-week suspended term was activated to run consecutively.