“We’re just trying to have a good time”, revellers speak after Sheffield rave triggers complaints

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NEWS: News.

Revellers at an all-night rave which triggered noise complaints across Sheffield promised to clean up the party site and said: “We’re just trying to have a good time.”

Police were called to a field off Ripon Street in Attercliffe in the early hours of Sunday after dozens of people called 101 to say music was keeping them awake.

More than 200 people were thought to be at the site.

At around noon on Sunday music was still playing from a sound system. Other DJ equipment was being packed away at the entrance, and black bags were being used by some to collect rubbish.

One pair of partygoers were asleep on the grass near the road.

Another reveller at the scene, who would not be named but said he was from Sheffield, told The Star: “We do this every week and we clean up every week because we want to do it again so we always leave the place tidy.

“The police came and told us to turn it down so we co-operated and turned it down.”

Asked what he would say to the people who had complained about the noise keeping their families awake, he added: “We apologise - we don’t mean to cause any complaints.

“It is a one-off because we don’t do this every week in this location. We’re just trying to enjoy ourselves and have a good time.”

Three men said they had walked to the rave from Ecclesfield after hearing music and others said it was a ‘nice community who wants to listen to music away from the club scene.’

Commenting on The Star’s Facebook page, some readers said the event was ‘only one night’ and people were ‘having fun’. But others said the nuisance caused had been too high a cost.

Yvonne McDonagh said: “The 200 ravers were selfish and their ‘supporters’ deluded if they think it’s OK to keep the entire city awake including nurses, doctors and drivers just for them to party and keep us all up. I hope karma comes right back at them all.”

Christian Jennings added: “If you have kids and have work in the morning it is very annoying and disruptive.”

Police said enquiries were ongoing. A spokesman added: “Due to the large scale resources required to shut down an event of this size, a decision was made to maintain a police presence.”

Complaints were also made about an event in the Rivelin Valley but police could not trace the location. Call 101 with information quoting incident number 102 of August 23.