‘Wicked’ dad knifes wife in front of their child

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A FATHER who knifed his estranged wife in a busy street in front of his own seven-year-old daughter has been jailed for five years.

Azhar Hussain, aged 27, stabbed Taliba Khaliq, 25, six times with a kitchen knife on Bridgegate in Rotherham town centre, as their daughter Sameeha looked on in horror.

Taliba was left with wounds to her back, chest, chin and arms following the shocking attack, which happened at around 1pm one day in September last year.

Sheffield Crown Court heard little Sameeha was covered in blood from her mother’s knife wounds, and pleaded with her dad to stop the onslaught.

Judge Mr Justice Davis said Hussain ‘coolly sauntered away’ after the stabbing, adding that the attack was borne out of his ‘rage and jealousy’.

He said Hussain had done a ‘wicked thing’ and added: “People like you make others afraid to go out in the streets.

“The CCTV shows quite clearly that at one stage you stopped and then started up again.

“When you had stabbed your own wife several times, you simply coolly sauntered away. You didn’t care.”

Mr Justice Davis added that although the attack was not ‘significantly premeditated’, he did not believe Hussain was carrying the knife around by chance.

“It’s clear you were under some stress at the time. Your marriage had broken up, even if you won’t admit it, you had financial problems and your wife wasn’t behaving as you would like her to have done.

“I simply do not believe you had that knife in your pocket by chance.

“You are the kind of man who is prepared to go round with a knife to defend yourself if need be.”

Hussain, of Carlisle Street, Rotherham, admitted wounding with intent. Jurors had earlier cleared him of attempted murder.

Hussain, who had no previous convictions, also threatened to stab a pensioner who offered to help Taliba, the court heard.

He was arrested in Rotherham bus station after being followed there by onlookers.

“You did all this in the presence of your own little daughter. I don’t suppose you’ve even troubled to think of the effect on her,” Mr Justice Davis said, adding Sameeha may have suffered long-term psychological damage.

He added that Hussain must face up to the responsibility of what he had done whilst in prison.

Rupert Bowers, defending, said the stabbing was a ‘sudden, short and violent loss of self-control’.

“There is a cultural gulf between this man and his wife,” he added.

Hussain was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, minus 270 days spent on remand in custody.