Woman became addicted to drugs after losing £30,000-a-year job

A WOMAN who became addicted to drugs after losing her £30,000-a-year job due to the recession has been locked up for 10 months.

Former business development manager Amy Hollinger, aged 31, crept into a house in Westfield Street, Barnsley and stole £739 worth of fishing equipment, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

When police called at her home in the same street to arrest her, they found Hollinger and her partner Dean Pickersgill about to smoke heroin.A wrap of crack cocaine was also seized.

While on bail Hollinger broke into another property on Westfield Street and stole a plasma TV, games console, laptop and games.

Alison Dorrell, defending Hollinger, said: “This is a woman who had a really good job until the downturn in the economy meant she lost it.”

She said after Hollinger lost her £30,000-a-year job she started taking drugs.

“They are at the route of this rather unpleasant offending,” she added.

Carl Fitch, prosecuting, said the victim of the second burglary could not afford to lose the £920 worth of property stolen as he had lost his own job and his partner was four months pregnant.

Hollinger later contacted the police and confessed to the burglary, taking full responsibility. She told officers she’d sold the property for £150 to buy food.

She and Pickersgill also admitted shoplifting from their local Costcutter store.

Mr Fitch said they went into the shop and Pickersgill, 42, stuffed a packet of biscuits up his jumper while Hollinger filled a basket full of food and simply walked out of the shop without paying.

Pickersgill, of Howlion Close, Barnsley, admitted possessing Class A drugs and theft.

Paul O’Shea, defending, said he had an ‘unenviable record’ but wanted to rid himself of his drug habit. He said locking Pickersgill up would keep him off the streets for a short period but not address his problems.

Sentencing them to 10 months’ imprisonment each, Judge Simon Lawler said the offences were too serious for anything other than immediate custody.