Woman stabbed to death in Sheffield attack

A MUM-of-three cradled a dying woman in her arms after a horrifying stabbing on a Sheffield street yesterday.

Katie Riley, aged 30, wiped away tears as she described the moment the bleeding woman’s life ebbed away in the middle of Blackstock Road, Gleadless Valley.

Gleadless Valley Murder 'A bystander is interviewed by Claire Lewis

Gleadless Valley Murder 'A bystander is interviewed by Claire Lewis

“I held her in my arms on the ground but it was too late - her eyes went,” she sobbed. “I will never forget that.

“There were too many stab wounds to say how many - they were all over her chest, abdomen, ribs, everywhere.”

A 44-year-old man was last night being questioned on suspicion of murder.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed a woman in her 40s, thought to be known to the man, had suffered stab wounds just before 12noon yesterday and died.

Katie told The Star she heard screaming, and looked out from her home to see a man with a knife stabbing his victim repeatedly outside the John O’Gaunt pub.

“I saw a woman in the middle of the road being stabbed to death,” she said.

“I ran downstairs and shouted to my partner somebody was getting killed, and we ran out to help.

“The man who did it walked off up the road, blatantly carrying the knife.

“I ran to the woman and tried to stop the bleeding, and my partner and a group of other locals - about 10 men - ran after the attacker.”

Katie said other neighbours dragged tables into the middle of the road from outside the John O’Gaunt pub, to protect the woman’s body from traffic.

“Half the estate was trying to stop the man - all the locals did what they could,” she said.

Police who sped to the street cordoned off the crime scene, and horrified residents gathered at the police tape.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.