X Factor contestant is Sheffield gang murderers’ cousin

Rough Copy   Copyright: THAMES TV
Rough Copy Copyright: THAMES TV

An X Factor contestant tipped to win the show has revealed he is related to two Sheffield murderers serving life for a gangland execution.

Sterling Ramsey - whose band Rough Copy sailed through the first live vote on Sunday - is a cousin of brothers Nigel and Denzil Ramsey, who are serving a combined 60 years in prison for the murder of Sheffield teenager Tarek Chaiboub in Burngreave five years ago.

Twenty-five-year-old Sterling, who makes up one third of the Croydon-based group, admitted his father is also behind bars for burglary.

But, opening up about his family’s shame, he said he has cut ties with some relatives and added: “I’m living proof you don’t need to turn to crime to earn a living.

“I’ve never been a gang member, having seen the devastation it can cause.”

Sterling’s cousin Nigel - a prominent member of the S3 postcode gang and known on the streets as The General - ordered the murder of 17-year-old Tarek from his prison cell, where he was already serving time for stabbing.

Tarek was gunned down in a wild-west style shootout at a barber’s shop on Spital Street in July 2008.

It was revealed in court that the S3 gang blamed the teenager, from Wincobank, for passing on information that led to the near-fatal stabbing of another member.

Nigel Ramsey, 27, of Andover Street, Burngreave, used a smuggled mobile phone to arrange his killing - and instructed his younger brother Denzil Ramsey, 24, to carry out the murder alongside two accomplices.

The gangsters were jailed for a total of 110 years, with Judge Mr Justice Griffith Williams describing Nigel Ramsey as the ‘ruling, controlling force’ behind the killing and ‘highly dangerous’.

Denzil was described as his brother’s ‘lieutenant’.

The brothers left the dock at Sheffield Crown Court rapping – boasting the S3 boys were ‘on holiday’ and hurling abuse at the police.

They laughed and grinned when their sentences were passed.

Rough Copy are currently second favourites to win the X Factor with odds of 7/2.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger told them on Saturday: “Boys, you might be the best band I have ever seen on this show.

“There is something with you I have not seen with anyone else – I am talking international stars as well.”