Customers defend Cooplands over "sex, drugs and sausage rolls" t-shirts at Doncaster shop

Readers have blasted people who complained about staff at a Doncaster baker's shop sporting t-shirts with the slogan "sex, drugs and sausage rolls."

Friday, 13th May 2016, 4:12 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 4:16 pm
Is a sausage roll as offensive as sex and drugs?

A photo of a staff member wearing one of the green t-shirts at the firm's Baxtergate branch was shared on social media - and one man who saw it said he and other customers had been offended by the uniforms, saying use of the words sex and drugs in a food outlet was "inappropriate."

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"Sex, drugs and sausage rolls t-shirts" at Doncaster Cooplands branch slammed as...

Pete Jones posted on Facebook: "I do wish these people would get offended by things which are actually offensive. Ya know, stuff like war, poverty, oppression of basic human rights, sexual exploitation etc. Getting offended over a t-shirt you saw in a local pasty shop seems a bit pointless and pathetic to me."

Alan Quine wrote: "I think we should go back in time 20 years when we all would of just had a laugh about it or not even noticed. UK has become so PC it is now stupid."

Carl Hutchinson wrote: "How is this even slightly offensive to anybody?" while Adam White added: "Hilarious. What's the issue? A bit of lighthearted fun. If people get offended by that then there's something wrong!"

Christine Butler posted: "Some people need to find a sense of humour" while Brian Smith wrote: "People need to get a life."

However, some were bemused by the firm's choice of slogan and JoJo Mitchell wrote: "Good old Cooplands, classy as ever.

"It's a saying we all know and it's not offensive but it's probably not the best slogan they could have picked for selling sausage rolls!"

Former employee Sue Walker said that the t-shirt would not have been allowed in her day and said: "l worked at Cooplands in the 60 s and 70s you always had to wear a overall company issued."

Mariah-Jo Evans said: "It may not be offensive but still not right when kids are about asking what it actually means!!!"