Dad’s anger at blitz on parking on Sheffield road

Paul Dyson, who is facing parking issues on Price of Wales Road.
Paul Dyson, who is facing parking issues on Price of Wales Road.

A dad has hit out at Sheffield Council for issuing a rash of parking tickets to residents of a major city road.

Paul Dyson, aged 51, says he has received seven parking tickets since September for parking his car on a grass verge outside his home, on Prince Of Wales Road, Manor – part of the Sheffield Ring Road.

He is angry with Sheffield Council for ticketing his and many other cars parked outside their homes because he says the authority has left residents with nowhere else to park, and has only recently begun enforcement there.

Mr Dyson, who lives with his wife and two children, said: “I have paid £240 out already and it makes a real difference at this time of year with Christmas coming up.

“I’ve lived here for 22 years and had never received a ticket until September. I park on a grass verge, which is not on the road and not blocking the pavement, because my house – and others on this part of the road – does not have a driveway.

“When the wardens come around, they tell me they don’t want to give out more tickets, but have no choice.”

Mr Dyson is calling on the council to be more understanding.

He said: “My sister lives next door with my mum, who is 87, and needs her car nearby in case something happens to her. There is nowhere else for us to park.”

A council spokesman said: “We receive many complaints about vehicles parked on grass verges and the parking restrictions on Prince of Wales Road have been in place for some considerable time.

“Tickets have been issued in the past, but people can appeal if they feel they’ve been given a ticket incorrectly, which ultimately can be heard by an independent adjudicator.”