Dancing to the rhythm and beat of Sheffield

Jodie Marshall
Jodie Marshall

Jodie Marshall, 26, is the founder of A Mind Apart Theatre Company. She lived and worked in Brazil as part of a gap year, followed by a drama degree at Lincoln University, before returning to Sheffield. More recently, the experience of running a social enterprise led her to study her masters in co-operative and social enterprise management at Sheffield Hallam University. Jodie lives in Shiregreen, where she has started a breakdance class. Having fallen in love with Brazil, she has taught herself Portuguese, regularly visits the country and is working on a long-term project there with A Mind Apart. Jodie was nominated last year as one of the North’s Top 50 ‘ones to watch’ by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Wilson Spring Woods

This is a woodland area off Oughtibridge Lane, between Grenoside and Oughtibridge. I drive to the bend in the road and park at the top of this woodland area. As you walk on to the common area there are benches from which to look out to Sheffield. I go here to think and pray. It’s also one of my favourite spots to watch fireworks on Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. The city always looks so beautiful from this spot.

Peak District

Having grown up in Hillsborough, it was always just a short car journey into the Peaks and I spent much of my childhood camping in Edale and walking on Kinder Scout and Lose Hill. I rarely have time to do this any more but when I do it brings back so many good memories.

Crucible and Lyceum Theatres

I’ve always been a theatre geek and was watching Shakespeare from about the age of 11. Some of the first Shakespeare I saw was at the Crucible. In the last few years, I have made sure that I have done my best to take A Mind Apart students to experience the rich culture our theatres provide.

The most memorable performance I took students to was Woman in Black, where a group of our 16-year-old girls were determined they would not be scared, until they were screaming louder than anyone in the theatre!


Growing up just around the corner from Bradfield meant that as soon as I could walk my dad had me on a horse, following in his footsteps. I fell in love with horse riding and went every week to Low Ash Farm.

As I got older, other things took over and, apart from my dad’s horse when I visit him in the Yorkshire Dales, I rarely have contact with horses any more. Last summer I went on a hack with my old riding teacher at Low Ash Farm. I had forgotten how much I loved horse riding and being in the countryside.

St Thomas’ Philadelphia Campus

As a committed Christian, I regularly go to church and love St Thomas’. It’s a big lively church with people from all over the city attending. There’s never a dull service and everyone is so welcoming and loving. As part of the church, we have our own weekly community groups which are often based around the area you live or an activity you enjoy. My community is based in Shiregreen. I love the feeling of a second family who don’t judge the choices I make but will always be there when I need them.

Burton Street Foundation

This is where the A Mind Apart office is based. It’s a hive of activity every day of the week and everyone knows everyone else. As a small organisation, it is great to feel part of a bigger working family and to have the opportunity to work in partnership with other tenants and The Burton Street Foundation themselves. Everyone at The Burton Street Foundation is really passionate about what they do and who they work with. There’s also a great café and once a month the restaurant is open to the public.

Leopold Square

This is my favourite place to sit and relax in the summer. When I was starting out with my business, I worked in Strada, where I had some great memories of a great bunch of people and some pretty amazing managers who were massively supportive with balancing my day job with my business in the early stages. After a long Saturday shift we would go and sit in Platillos to relax and soak up what was left of our Saturday night. I’m a bit of a free spirit and love to travel; this is the only place in Sheffield that reminds me of being abroad.

Cubana, Trippet Lane

Not only do they do great food, but Friday and Saturday nights are always fun. I often dance salsa and sometimes some samba. Saturday night is Brazil night, which is special because it reminds me of when I lived in Brazil. There’s a great salsa community in Sheffield that I occasionally dip in and out of and this is a popular hang-out for those of us who just love to dance. No matter how stressed I’m feeling from work, my mood is always lifted.

Desperate Dance, St Mary’s Church

This is my contemporary dance class. Although I often miss weeks because of work commitments, I know I can always slot back into the classes which run every Thursday, 6pm-8pm, with teacher Andy Throssel, who is really laidback with so much experience. It’s great to be around like-minded people.