Dark Horses brood over Sheffield

Dark Horses' front woman Lisa Elle
Dark Horses' front woman Lisa Elle

When Dark Horses come to the stage, you know about it.

Front-woman Lisa Elle sometimes has her face shrouded. But then again, sometimes she decides not to conceal it. You never know - Dark Horses will always keep their audience on their toes.

And this underpins what’s the band’s all about, as Lisa Elle explains.

“We’re always changing things and mixing things up. And we always work with different people to the point that we’re not really a ‘band’ in the way that people think of a band. We didn’t really ‘form’, we just morphed into what we are because some of us had recorded some songs and needed a band to play them live. But the line up has changed over time, it’s a very fluid process but it does mean that things are always fresh.”

And ‘fresh’ is the key word. The band’s latest record, Hail Lucid State, was recorded in just two and a half days.

“We recorded it very quickly but that made us react to being in the studio in a very brave way.”

Elle, who’s a classically trained woodwind musician and pianist - says her voice is her greatest instrument. And this is clear on the band’s tracks. Vocals swoon and hover over drudging bass lines and post-rock synths. Dark Horses’ music is epic and brooding. It’s no surprise then, that one of the band’s major influences is The Doors.

“We all love The Doors and Jim Morrison always channelled a mythical and spiritual energy on stage.”

Dark Horses recorded a version of The Doors’ Hello, I Love You for a covers album last year. “It was crazy, we spent two days recording one song and yet we did our whole album in two and a half days. But we had no money and our producer - Richard Fearless - had no time. And you have to make the most of what you have and do the best with it.”

Dark Horses rock The Greystones, Greystones Road on Tuesday, March 25.