Data on Sheffield

Rory Delahoyde, who has an excellent view of the City from the back of his home in Bingham Park Road, Greystones
Rory Delahoyde, who has an excellent view of the City from the back of his home in Bingham Park Road, Greystones

Rory Delahoyde is a director at HA Hosting, one of Sheffield’s first data centres and internet service providers. Born in London, he grew up in Cornwall and has spent much of his career as an IT specialist, delivering work on behalf of Amazon, Hewlett Packard and the NHS. Rory relocated to Sheffield nearly a decade ago where he has founded his own successful hosting business. He lives in Greystones and is married to artist and designer Victoria.

Thyme Café, Broomhill

Broomhill was my first experience of living in the city. I moved to Sheffield through work and lived in a flat on Manchester Road, and Thyme Café soon became a convenient favourite. I always enjoyed the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and, not knowing many people in Sheffield at the time, I felt comfortable visiting Thyme by myself, watching the world go by over a good meal and a couple of glasses of wine, as I did when going there with friends.

Sheffield’s Technology Industry

I’ve been amazed to see how the digital industries have transformed many parts of Sheffield in such a relatively short space of time. Buildings such as the digital campus near the railway station offer a strong signal as to how important the technology sector has become to the local economy, and a new generation of creative and dynamic businesses in the technology sector is truly putting the city on the global map.

There’s also the research in both of city’s universities. Almost endless enthusiasm, creativity and genuine passion are helping to drive forward a new generation of businesses, creating a unique entrepreneurial spirit and it’s a great feeling to be part of it.

Botanical Gardens

Particularly special, as it was the place where Victoria and I were married. Her father started his working life as an apprentice gardener and his influence has rubbed off on my wife. I have always enjoyed the many different areas of parkland that surround the Botanical Gardens as well as exploring the large greenhouses and their exotic contents, which has helped to inspire some of the plants that we grow in our own garden.

Hunters Bar

Without a doubt I think one of my favourite things about Sheffield has to be the fantastic panoramic view from our back garden in Greystones. It can be nice sometimes just to sit there and see the cityscape change. We have steady built up quite a good crop of fruit and vegetables, coupled with a few flower beds where my wife has tried to recreate some of the features of the Botanical Gardens.

Our home is close to Bingham Park and Whiteley Woods, so there are lots of nice walks nearby.

Longshaw Estate

Getting out at the weekend and going walking in the countryside is a passion of mine and the Longshaw estate often provides a perfect setting. When the National Trust took over the running of Longshaw Hall they converted part of the building into a tea room, which often serves as a reward after a long walk! I’d say that we haven’t even covered half of the many different routes and trails on the estate, but a particular favourite is the walk along Padley Gorge.

Ecclesall Road

As well as being a vibrant hub of activity, it is home to my favourite restaurant in the city, Relish. I’ve no doubt that Sheffield’s famous sauce played a role in influencing the design of the restaurant, but for me it serves one of the nicest steaks in the city. There’s always a nice, welcoming atmosphere and perhaps best of all, it’s a pleasant walk from where I live to the restaurant and back again. Perfect!