Debris from collapsed Sheffield wall remains two months on

Lorraine Thomas inspects the damage to her shed in Beighton
Lorraine Thomas inspects the damage to her shed in Beighton

Debris from a collapsed wall is yet to be cleared up – more than two months after it came crashing into two Sheffield gardens.

The wall collapsed at the back of two properties on Armstead Road, Beighton, on May 29 – destroying a large shed in one garden and bringing bricks and rubble down in another.

Residents say more rubble has fallen and it could be months before the mess is sorted.

Insurance companies have indicated they are unwilling to pay, while Sheffield Council has said the issue is not its responsibility.

A similar incident happened on the same street at a different property four years ago, with the damage caused yet to be cleared because of an ongoing legal dispute over who should pay.

But a Court of Appeal ruling is due on the case this autumn and it is hoped the decision may have a bearing on who will foot the bill for clear-up costs at the other affected properties.

Planning permission was granted in the 1970s for new houses on the higher-level Orchard Lane, which back on to Armstead Road.

Residents say the walls at the back of their properties being backfilled from a height of around 4.5ft to about 9ft at the time may be responsible for the collapse.

Lorraine Thomas, a teaching assistant at Halfway Junior School whose family’s shed was smashed by the collapse, said the issue is causing great stress.

“Up until last week, I probably didn’t sleep for a week worrying about it.”

She said she hoped the court decision in October will mean the issue can be sorted but added: “That ruling is really for everybody on the road.

“But if it rules against us, we have not got the money to mend the walls.”