Dennis Hobson column: I wouldn't have made Kell Brook v Gennady Golovkin fight

Welterweight champion Kell Brook says he is naturally about the same size as big-hitting middleweight Gennady Golovkin. Do you agree, or do you tend to side with boxing luminaries like Freddie Roach, who argues there is going to be a significant disparity?

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 16:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 09:34 am
Kell Brook stands up to the challenge of Gennady Golovkin (left)

I’m inclined to agree with Freddie. Obviously Kell will do his best to be as big as Golovkin but naturally ‘GGG’ is a bigger man, and the saying is that a ‘good big ‘un will always beat a good little ‘un.’

Kell’s naturally strong at welterweight, so it’s a big ask of him. He’s brave to get in with Golovkin, who’s a dangerous puncher. They’re going to sell the fight around Kell being as big as Golovkin and he might be, but he’s not a natural middleweight.

Golovkin is a natural middleweight and he’s taken some quality fighters out. It’s a brave thing to do by Kell and I hope he gets as much money as what’s been touted, because he deserves it. It’s not a fight I’d have made; I’m sure I’d have made the Khan fight before now and delivered some more marquee fights for Kell to build his brand. I don’t think it’s the smartest thing his team have ever done. I hope he comes through it healthy.

Sam Sheedy won his last fight, but his showboating seemed unnecessary and displeased his trainer Glyn Rhodes. Should he curb that, or is it acceptable fun?

I think it you took it away altogether from Sam then you take a bit of his game away. A little bit of the showboating was playing for time and trying to ‘old man’ Andrew Robinson because he had a back injury in the fight. I think some of the showboating is what makes Sam who he is, and Glyn was red-hot at it when he was fighting! So, I wouldn’t ask Sam to cut it out completely but maybe pick his moments and make sure the job is done first. Mind games are part of boxing though and Sam is very good at it.

Good things ahead for Liam Cameron, we hear. Would you care to share?

Apart from a ‘no’, what else can I say! I’m 99 per cent sure he’s going to be in a major title fight. I haven’t got it stamped yet but very soon it might be. It’ll be a good fight though.

What’s happening with Lewis Taylor?

If we can get it for some kind of title fight, then a big contest would be against Sam Sheedy. So we’re looking at that, and it’s a fight I’ve offered Lewis. I’m just waiting for Lewis to come back and if we can agree it then we’ll do it, but only for a title on the line.