Derbyshire pensioner committed suicide because he felt life was not worth living


A pensioner committed suicide because he felt life was not worth living, an inquest heard.

John Roome, 81, died on September 30 last year after overdosing on 100 tablets.

Mr Roome suffered from chronic lung disease and was feeling lonely, Chesterfield coroners’ court heard on Wednesday.

Paramedics attended to the widower, who lived in sheltered housing in Newbold, at about 1pm on September 29.

They found Mr Roome sat in front of a bowl half full of tablets.

The court heard paramedics found a suicide note addressed to one of Mr Roome’s sons which said: “I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me. For the past two years I’ve been in a living death.”

Mr Roome was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital where he sadly died the following day.

Mark Hill, head of nursing at the hospital, told the court he had spoken to Mr Roome when he was admitted. “He told me he felt lonely and wanted to take his own life,” Mr Hill said.

One of Mr Roome’s sons, Colin, added: “He said he’d had enough. He said he’d get up in the morning, have a shower, have a cup of tea and not have enough energy to do anything else. He had lost his wife and was down about that.”

Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner Paul McCandless said: “Sadly, chronic lung disease was hindering Mr Roome’s existence. Mr Roome – who had a very loving family – felt life was not worth living.”