Disturbing past of killer Shaun Wainwright

Shaun Wainwright
Shaun Wainwright

Killer Shaun Wainwright had a disturbing history of using threats, intimidation and violence whenever he suffered perceived slights.

Over the course of his three-week trial for the murder of colleague Simon Holdsworth, the jury was told of his tendency to lash out against people he thought had humiliated or wronged him.

His four previous convictions included causing grievous bodily harm to another man in a football match in 1991.

Wainwright told the court the other man had ‘spat in his face’ prompting his attack. He admitted causing bruising and bleeding to the victim’s face.

In 2013, Wainwright was given a police caution after admitting causing actual bodily harm to his girlfriend.

He said he had pushed her into a door after she hit him in the eye with a spatula during an argument – and added he then had to leave the house and drive to Skegness to calm himself down.

Wainwright, who left school with no qualifications, was sacked from his previous job prior to joining FBS Prestige as an agency worker.

While working at Pennine Foods in early 2013, Wainwright was dismissed for what he described as a ‘verbal assault’ against two other workers.

Wainwright said one of the men had sprayed chlorine in his face and the other started laughing. He said he responded with some ‘choice words’ while holding a hot drink in his hand that he threatened to throw over them. A few weeks after his sacking, Wainwright was spotted loitering outside the factory by another former colleague Mark Hunt, who said the 46-year-old father-of-two had said ‘I’m going to get him’ and ‘Wait until I get hold of him’.

In a separate prior incident in late 2012, Wainwright had been involved in a ‘heated argument’ with another Pennine Foods worker called Scott Clarke.

While driving colleague Daniel Day home later that day, Mr Day said Wainwright pulled out a makeshift weapon as he spoke angrily about Mr Clarke and their row.

In a different incident at Pennine Foods, Wainwright once followed a colleague for 27 miles around Sheffield in his car.

Wainwright admitted following the man, but said it was for less than a mile and was done as a ‘joke’ as the worker didn’t want other colleagues to find out where he lived.

After starting at FBS Prestige, Wainwright complained of having his food stolen from a communal kitchen. He responded by using a needle to inject one of his apples with laxative in a bid to catch the culprit.

Around three months before Simon was murdered, Wainwright was observed taking a length of metal bar from work, hiding it up his sleeve.

He told a co-worker after being spotted with the section of unused metal rail: “I will take this just in case something happens on the way home.”

The prosecution said that same metal bar, which has never been recovered, was the weapon used by Wainwright to beat Simon to death.