Diverse, vibrant community

Westbourne School
Westbourne School

Westbourne is a unique school in many ways and is the only independent co-educational day school in Sheffield catering from Reception through to Year 11.

Our girls and boys are part of a diverse, vibrant community in a place where competitive spirit flourishes alongside courtesy, integrity and kindness to others.

This considerate environment promotes confidence and a positive self-image, which enables our children to succeed in their expectations.

Academic success is a very important part of a Westbourne education, but just as important is the success of each child as an individual.

Therefore supporting every child to be the best that they can be, at whatever level, is what a Westbourne education offers.

Westbourne is an academically non-selective school and thus does not have a particular ‘type’ of student; everyone is an individual at Westbourne School and is treated as such.

The level and pace of the teaching is tailored to suit the personal needs of our community.

Our most recent ISI inspection stated that ‘the quality of the teaching and learning at Westbourne is outstanding’ and it is our individualised learning that sets us apart from the rest.

We achieve this mainly through our small class sizes (average of 14 per class) and the setting of children in the core subjects.

All our children are stretched – not only our high flyers, but everyone, and an abundance of extra support is available for those requiring it.

We have more than our fair share of talented scholars who achieve the very best results through our Scholarship Programme.

We support every child by identifying their talents and celebrating their many successes, be it in academia, on the sports field or in music and the arts.

It is the broader development of the child that makes Westbourne a real choice, something the discerning Westbourne parent is very much aware of.

Our ‘Little Westbournians’ on the first rung of the educational ladder are given the best possible start with our early years provision – this has been recognised with the judgment ‘outstanding’ awarded at our last three inspections, something we are very proud of.

Our next Open Morning on Thursday, March 8 takes place on a normal working day – please come along and see for yourself what makes Westbourne work.