Do 10 Doncaster people really cycle 600 miles to Scotland and back for work EVERY DAY?

We've all heard of jumping on your bike to get to work '“ but according to official statistics, ten people from Doncaster cycle to Scotland and back for work '“every single day.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 1:05 pm
Do 10 Doncaster people really make this journey every day?

It may sound unlikely, but according to the 2011 Census, ten brave souls from our town jump aboard their bikes and head off to East Ayrshire north of the border for work every day.

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The 293 mile trip to the area takes 26 hours '“ so you'd have to set off pretty early to get to your desk in time.

In fact, seeing as it takes more than a day to complete the gruelling journey, it isn't entirely clear how anyone making the trip there and back might make it without a little disruption, inconvenience and total lack of sleep as part of their day.

Depending on your route, there are quicker options '“ a 261 mile journey that takes 23 hours and a 267 mile trek that can be completed in 23 hours and 10 minutes, but even then, you'd be struggling to be at your desk by nine.

Are there really ten Doncaster commuters travelling to Kilmarnock by bike - EVERY DAY?

In total, your daily commute round-trip if you were heading from Doncaster to East Ayrshire's administrative capital Kilmarnock would take you 56 hours '“ and 584 miles.

The unlikely statistics from the census seven years ago were discovered by Doncaster's Chris Stephenson and shared on Twitter.

Posting a graph of the number of people who commute from Doncaster to East Ayrshire for work, he wrote: 'Kudos to the 10 people in Doncaster who travel to work in East Ayrshire by bike according to the 2011 census. #data #cyclinglife #Superheroes.'

'In my head its a mini peloton setting off at 1am every day including Dave from Accounts and Derek from Legal.'

Although, as we all know, Doncaster is a part of Scotland '“ so maybe that explains the figures.

Of course, we're pretty sure that no-one does actually pulls on their lycra, inflates their tyres and undertakes that journey every day.

Unless you know better of course...