Do you think a benefit cap is a good idea?


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Not until you bring minimum wage up to match living cost.

Colin Parkinson

The lazy so and so’s should be made to work for what they get, Nearly 2k a month for nothing, no matter how many kids is more than enough.

n Editor’s note: Benefit is capped at £500 a week.

Phil Grundy

Me and my partner work and still struggle! Min wage is appalling. My bloke works his ass off and there are folk out there living on benefits and don’t even spend it on their kids most of the time(not everyone just some). I think they should make an effort to work even if it’s part time!

Amy Edwards

The only way a benefit cap is reasonable is if there is a rent cap as well.

Catherine Hart

In other countries if people don’t work they dont eat. No one giving them any money. We moan that foreign people come for benefits, we need to be looking near to home.

Sharon Mboueyeu

Why should any lazy workshy feckless dosser be on more than me? HOWEVER if you are sick, old, infirm or in need I will cover your back no questions asked.

Lee Swords


When there’s more than one job for every 55 unemployed and we don’t have 1.4million on zero hour contracts, then I’ll agree there’s ‘workshy’. The benefits cap includes housing benefit. The only people getting rich off the welfare state are shyster landlords.

John Wilkinson