Doctor was told Hillsborough disaster was ‘a second Heysel’

The Hillsborough disaster unfolds
The Hillsborough disaster unfolds

A doctor who arrived at Hillsborough as the disaster unfolded was told by a police officer there had been a ‘second Heysel’.

Sheffield GP Dr Allan Redgrave told the new inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans he had gone to the ground after hearing media reports asking doctors to attend. He said he had certified casualties as dead in the stadium gym, but was not sure of how their injuries had been caused.

Dr Redgrave said: “The only information I had is when I’d arrived at the stadium and the police officer came to my car and offered to escort me to the gymnasium, I said ‘What’s going on?’ and he said ‘There’s been a second Heysel Stadium disaster’.”

Thirty-nine football fans died in the Heysel disaster after violence broke out before a Liverpool and Juventus match and a wall collapsed. Fourteen Liverpool fans were later convicted of manslaughter.

Dr Redgrave said a senior police officer told him in the gym that there may be people still alive among the casualties.

He said he felt ‘enormous pressure of time’ to carry out the checks. He said: “As we progressed, we began to be less and less optimistic.”

The inquests continue.