Don’t forget this. Remembering birthdays just got easier.

Lauren Nicholson
Lauren Nicholson

A Sheffield graduate has set up a website to help us remember birthdays. Colin Drury discovers more...

Anyone who’s ever found themselves realising, after a morning of silent treatment, it’s their partners big day (easily done, no?) might be interested in a new initiative set up by Sheffield graduate Lauren Nicholson.

The 23-year-old, of the city centre, has created Remember The Date, a website which allows you to buy all the cards you want to give for the rest of the year in one go. Lauren then posts you said cards a couple of days before each birthday ready to be signed and given.

That means no chance of having to beat that most hasty of retreats: “Of course I didn’t forget but I do need to nip out to the shop for, er, something.”

“I had friends who were quite forgetful,” says Lauren. “After university I’d planned to go into investment banking but I’d love to make this a success.”