Doncaster Council and Northern Powergrid in dispute after power cut leaves residents without lights for two weeks

Doncaster Council and electricity firm Northern Powergrid are locked in battle after residents of a Doncaster suburb have been left without street lights for nearly two weeks.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 3:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 6:12 am
Parts of Kirk Sandall have been plunged into darkness over the ongoing power cut. (Photo: Karl Faulkner)

Yesterday, we reported how people in Kirk Sandall were living in darkness at nights '“ with both the Council and  Northern Powergrid in dispute over who was responsible for the problem.

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Now Doncaster Council has said that its own engineers first investigated the fault after it was first reported nearly two weeks ago '“ and is pressing the power company to get the problem fixed.

Andy Rutherford, Head of Street Scene and Highways Operations at DMBC, said: 'As soon as we were informed of the fault at Lancaster Avenue we sent an engineer to investigate.

'It was quickly identified as a supply fault and this was reported to Northern Powergrid. We did ask them to prioritise the repair due to the size of the affected area.

'How we report street lighting faults to Northern Powergrid is different to the one used by the public to report power cuts and this is why when residents have contacted them they appear to have no record of the fault.

'We are continuing to speak to Northern Powergrid to ensure their fault is fixed as soon as possible.'

People living in the Lancaster Avenue area of Kirk Sandall say they have been without streetlights at night since October 10 '“ and say the continued blackout is making the area a '˜burglar's paradise.'

Residents say they have chased both Doncaster Council and Nothern Powergrid for the repairs to be carried out '“ but have been met with mixed messages on who is responsible for the work.

One resident Karl Faulkner said: 'It's very dangerous and there are quite a few old people on these streets. It's a burglar's paradise.'