Doncaster restaurant to re-open after being smashed into by car

A Doncaster fish and chip restaurant is back in business after a car ploughed into the building shocking diners.

Friday, 12th February 2016, 08:19 am
Updated Friday, 12th February 2016, 08:25 am
Harry Raouna (r) and builder Trevor Kirsop at Harry's Fish Bar and Restaurant after a car ploughed into the building

Customers at Harry’s Fish Bar and Restaurant on High Street, Dunsville, were left in shocked when a car hit the front of the packed eatery while they were tucking into their fish and chips a few weeks ago.

But now the restaurant is back in business following structural repairs to the building.

No one was injured in the incident but the damage forced Harry’s to close temporarily while repair work was carried out.

Parts of the wall were left buckled, cracks could be seen from floor to ceiling and skirting boards were splintered into pieces.

Owner Harry Raouna said it was lucky no one had been hurt.

He was in the building at the time and told The Free Press a female driver had been parking outside the restaurant when she accidentally hit the wall.

He said he thought her foot may have slipped, hitting the accelerator rather than the brake.

He said: “People were eating their fish and chips when it happened. There was a man in the corner who almost had a heart attack he was so shocked.

“She came in to say sorry, she must have said it 100 times. She was crying. But what can you do, it was an accident."