Dozens of trainee teachers get their first taste of the classroom at Sheffield secondary school

Newfield School
Newfield School

Dozens of trainee teachers have descended on a Sheffield secondary school for their first taste of classroom life.

Newfield School, in Norton Lees, is hosting 85 participants from education charity Teach First's Summer Institute programme.

They have been observing lessons, speaking with students and teaching for the first time in five subject areas including history and geography.

Assistant headteacher Joshua Fisher, who took part in the Teach First programme in 2011, said not only were delegates getting vital training over the eight days they were in school, but pupils are also getting an opportunity to meet recent graduates.

He said: "We are delighted to have the delegates in school because we wanted as many of them as possible to see our school. This can only be good news for us further down the line.

"We also want to make sure our pupils get exposed to high-flying graduates.

"A lot of these students have been to Oxford and Cambridge and other top universities.

"We want to make sure our students have high aspirations and we believe this kind of thing is a great way of ensuring that."

Mr Fisher said the students are adapting well to the delegates being in school.

"They are all with a member of school staff and then the participants have been teaching bits of lessons," he said.

"Over the last couple of days they have been taking full lessons. Our students have been brilliant and are working well.

"They are having conversations with the delegates about what they are doing and we have been encouraging the delegates to talk to students about university."

The school offers students a range of opportunities to encourage them to continue with education once they reach 16 and consider university, as part of their 'raising aspirations' agenda.

"They get a significant amount of careers advice and guidance," said Mr Fisher.

"They get one-to-one meetings and we have great relationships with universities and run regular programmes and have visits."