Dune’s Sheffield store raises festive funds

Sarah Scott of Dune, Meadowhall
Sarah Scott of Dune, Meadowhall

High street shoe shop Dune is supporting homeless youngsters in Sheffield with the launch of ‘Christmas in a Box’.

Shoppers at the Meadowhall store will be given a chance to buy a £5 flat pack festive box, which appears to be a traditionally wrapped Christmas present but opens up to reveal a room decked with stockings, a Christmas tree and a short message explaining how their donation will make a difference to a young person’s life.

The money from sales of ‘Christmas in a Box’ will go to charities including Roundabout in Sheffield, which is part of the End Youth Homelessness movement supporting vulnerable young people across the country.

John Egan, CEO of Dune London said: “It’s frightening to think that 15,000 young people face homelessness this Christmas.

“Please pop in to Dune and support Christmas in a Box. Picking up a box will ensure EYH charities can give young people the support they need.