City’s first outdoor kindergarten is all set for the woods

A Sheffield mother and childminder is preparing to open Sheffield’s “first fully outdoor kindergarten” on March 3.

Dami Kendrick will locate the business in Totley Scout Hut in Gillfield Woods, with rope ladders, swings across the brook, outdoor cooking facilities and a yurt or tents. It will be based on Scandanavian Forest Schools.

“We want to provide a safe space that also offers fun, freedom and adventure,” she said.

Dami, who set up Totley Bears childminding service, said as a childminder she enjoyed spending times outdoors with the children, and all her own childhood memories were about times she had spent outdoors playing, walking and camping.

She is working on the Woodland Kindergarten with John Smith, a forest school practitioner and scout leader, with whom she set up the Wild About Play outdoor playgroup, which attracts up to 40 children a week. “It just seemed like the logical next step.”