High School girls gravitate towards world record

Sheffield High School girls who took part in the world record challenge
Sheffield High School girls who took part in the world record challenge
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THE record books are beckoning for hundreds of students at Sheffield High School who teamed up to take part in the world’s biggest practical science lesson.

Nearly 120 girls from the school in Broomhill conducted a science experiment, while simultaneously thousands of pupils across the country carried out the same exercise.

The experiments measured the value of acceleration due to gravity - one measured the time taken for an object to drop a set distance, and the other timed a swinging pendulum.

Pupils taking part ranged in age from 10 to 15. Around 2,000 girls were involved at 21 schools nationwide, with 118 from Sheffield High School.

Headmistress Valerie Dunsford said: “We’ve been planning this record attempt to mark our anniversary for months. At Sheffield High School, over 20 per cent of our girls study A-level physics each year, and they do very well at it, with 50 per cent achieving an A* this year.

“The enthusiasm for this experiment, right across our school, shows the degree to which we’re bucking some of the less encouraging educational trends.”

All participating students were pupils of the Girls’ Day School Trust, and the experiment coincided with the organisation’s 140th anniversary.

Reports and video footage from each lesson will be compiled before the world record is confirmed.