Inquiry after jet missed its runway

AIR accident investigators have been called in after a passenger flight from Doncaster missed the runway when it landed in Cyprus.

The Thomson Airways Boeing 737 had been allocated a landing spot at Paphos airport but touched down by mistake on a taxiway – a concrete strip next to the runway that leads to the terminal.

There were no other aircraft on the taxiway at the time and passengers on the flight from Robin Hood airport were described by the airline as calm and in good spirits when they disembarked.

Cypriot authorities, the British Civil Aviation Authority and the airline have started an investigation.

A CAA spokesman said: “We are in discussion about what exactly happened with the airline,

“Our understanding is that on approach to the airport they lined up with the taxiway rather than the runway and landed on the taxiway.”

A Thomson spokesman confirmed flight TOM3350 was involved in the mix-up.

There were 189 passengers on board and seven crew.

He said: “No customers were aware of the incident, the aircraft landed normally and no one was injured. No damage was caused to the aircraft and all customers were calm and in good spirits when disembarking the aircraft.

“Thomson Airways maintains its aircraft to the highest standards and has an excellent safety record.

“The airline would like to reassure customers that incidents of this type are extremely rare and that their safety is our first priority at all times.

“As is normal practice, the airline will be conducting a full and thorough investigation into this incident.”

A spokesman for the Air Accident Investigation Branch confirmed it has also been made aware of the incident, on Wednesday morning.