MPs probe voter apathy

Ally Buckle, Sheffield Uni student uniion president.
Ally Buckle, Sheffield Uni student uniion president.

Ways of persuading more people to vote in next year’s General Election will be discussed by MPs at a Sheffield University event tomorrow.

Members of the Commons’ Political and Constitutional Reform Committee will be at the Arts Tower to speak to local organisations and individuals as part of a major inquiry into voter engagement in the UK.

Leading academics and students will also discuss their concerns about low voter turnout and how to encourage people to engage with politics.

During a drop-in session from 12.15pm, MPs will ask why so many people don’t vote, to what extent public perception and the media portrayal of MPs and the Government turns people off voting and what can be done to encourage more people to turn out at the polls.

It will then take formal evidence from witnesses, including professors Matt Flinders and Hendrik Wagenaar, Students’ Union President Ally Buckle, Sheffield for Democracy and John Tomlinson, the Electoral Registration Officer for Sheffield.

Ally said he would discuss electronic voting as a way of encouraging more young people to vote and of sparking their interest in politics.