Ofsted report finds school needs to show improvement

A Sheffield primary school has been told by inspectors that it must do better.

Westways Primary at Crookes has slipped in its rating by Ofsted - from being a ‘good’ school to one that ‘requires improvement’.

The verdict is the latest in a series of critical reports by Ofsted, which has toughened up its procedures this academic year.

Both children’s progress at Westways, especially in maths and for lower ability pupils, and the quality of teaching is described as “inconsistent”.

Meanwhile, the attainment gap between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and other children in the school is not narrowing.

Progress made by pupils with disabilities and others with special needs is variable, too, as their work is not always set at the right level and they don’t get enough help in class.

Leadership at all levels “has not moved the school forward sufficiently to bring about improvements to teaching or to the pupils’ progress”.

Teachers’ expectations of children are sometimes too low, while the pupils’ work is sometimes poorly presented. Some pupils lose interest and not eager to learn.

But Westways has strengths. “This is a very cohesive school where pupils of many diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds get on well and show great tolerance to one together,” say inspectors.

“Most pupils behave well; most work hard in lessons and feel safe in school.”

In addition, the “large majority” of parents have high regard for the school and value its caring ethos”.